The end of an era

After 15 years and over 150,000 connections, I have chosen to end support for LiveJournal Connect. Thank you for supporting this tool and sharing it. I have met some interesting people and learned several things over the years that I've used and maintained it.

LiveJournal isn't the place it once was, and when the latest TOS came out that said right at the top that the only real terms of service that were official were the Russian ones that I can't read without a translator, I gave up and closed my account. It is for the same reason I am ending support for this tool.

If you would like to run your own version of LJ Connect, you can install the Perl module Algorithm::SixDegrees, which includes a sample script called "" that you can use yourself. You can also see a cached version of my explanation post here.

-Pete K

5 March 2002 - 16 May 2017